Adopting a Child in Bolton

If you are considering adopting in Bolton, that’s wonderful news! As a regional provider of adoption services for six local authorities in the area, we’re pleased to help children find their forever homes with the utmost care and understanding.

Adoption can be a scary time for a child. That is why we make sure to care for and protect all of our children. This includes making sure our adoption processes are thorough. We hope you understand that finding a safe, caring home for a child can take some time.

However, we aim to make the adoption process as streamlined as possible for families. We understand that the process can be nerve-wracking for you too! With help from our experienced social workers, and the sessions you attend both prior to and following an application to us, we will endeavour to make sure you are both comfortable and confident to continue moving forward in the process with us.

How Do I Adopt a Child in Bolton?

Adoption in Bolton is simpler than you may think. While it will take around six months from your initial enquiry to being approved, it has never been easier to register for adoption services.

  • Submit an expression of interest to our team via our enquiry form or call us on our duty line and we will begin the process. During this time, we will provide and gather a lot of information from you to help us get to know you and expertly guide you through the process.
  • If you decide to submit an application to Bolton, you will be asked to attend workshops and meetings with an allocated social worker. This is a great opportunity for interested families to learn about adoption, the children waiting, their backgrounds and needs. During this process, we will also need to carry out necessary checks and references. It is always important to be open and honest as we will be with you.
  • Your allocated social worker will meet with you regularly to complete a prospective Adopters report with you (also known as a PAR) and it is this that will be presented to adoption panel.
  • Once you have been approved, your social worker will then support you through the matching process, looking closely at your individual strengths as a family and the needs of the children awaiting families within Adoption Now in Bolton.

This can also take time, however, please be patient, it is important to work together to achieve the best possible match for a child and your family circumstances.

Should I Adopt?

Adoption is a wonderful thing to do. You may simply wish to give a child a loving, family home or you may have been trying to raise a family for some time. No matter why you may choose to adopt, we will be sure to support you every step of the way.

At the same time, we are proud to be able to carry out the brilliant protective work local authorities do for Bolton children. We are committed to protecting and representing children throughout the adoption process, and you can therefore rely on our meticulous standards and service. If an adoption isn’t right for a child, we won’t pursue it.

Want to learn more about adoption in Bolton? Keen to start your application? Come and have a chat with our team. Call us directly on 01204 336096, or contact us via our website to get started.