Adopting a Child in Rochdale

Thank you for considering adoption in the Rochdale area. We want you to know from the outset that you are not alone! Adopting a child can feel like a major step but we have plenty of resources to support you through all stages of the process.

Adoption is life changing, for everyone concerned, and whilst the adoption process can take 6 months we hope that you will understand that our children need us to make their next move to their adoptive family a successful one as many of them will already have had a difficult start in life.

Ready to adopt, or interested in researching ahead of time? Here’s how to fill out the forms, and what kind of details you’ll want to include in your application to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible..

How Do I Adopt in Rochdale?

The first stages of adoption aren’t as complex as you might think. Registering your interest in knowing more about adoption is easier than ever:

  • Submit your expression of interest through our website and our experienced team will contact you when it is best for you. You’ll be asked for various details and pieces of information to help us get to know you, and expertly guide you through the process.
  • We will require you to have some discussion with us and attend some meetings and seminars about adoption and the process. This is to help families decide whether or not the adoption process is right for them, as well as to reassure those who might have doubts.
  • If after gathering more information, you feel that you wish to continue, then the more formal expression of interest will be needed and the process of assessment will commence.
  • Your allocated social worker will meet with you regularly to complete a prospective adopters report with you (also known as a PAR). We ask that you be open and honest with us so that we can together decide if adoption is the right path for you to take, and which child or children would be best suited to your family. Many people find the process of adopting to be very exciting as well as a little emotional at times but that is entirely normal and we will be there to support you.

Adoption is a very personal thing and every family is different. During the process we will discuss with you your current lifestyle, your family and the way that your jobs are structured as well as think about the amount of experience you have with children.

Should I adopt a child?

Adopting a child is an amazing thing to do and it can bring great rewards but we also need to know that families are aware of the challenges that parenting can bring, and that they have the resilience to cope through the ups and downs of family life.

Our experienced adoption team is committed to making sure that all of our children are properly represented and protected throughout the adoption process.

Are you interested in learning more about how adoption in Rochdale works, or want to know more about the process and the kind of information you need to give? Do you have any questions about the kind of living situation you have, or have questions about whether you can adopt?

Give us a call today on 01204 336 096 for more information, or alternatively fill in our contact form which can be found here.