Adopting a Child in Tameside

We are really pleased that you are considering adopting a child in Tameside and we are ready to help you every step of the way. We are the regional adoption agency for Tameside in Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas. As a provider of adoption in Tameside we are dedicated, and pleased to support both families and children in the local area.

Adopting can be an emotional as well as an exciting time, which is why our team of experienced and dedicated social workers are here to help you whilst providing you with all the support you need during the entire adoption process.

What Do We Do?

As a regional provider of adoption in Tameside, we are dedicated to making the adoption process as smooth as possible.

We want to be able to work alongside you as a family to ensure the transition to adoption and extending your family is as informative and supportive as it can be. Working with families allows us to find a safe and permanent home for the children in our care, where they can be loved and flourish.

The approval process takes around 6 months for most people although this can vary a little depending on individual circumstances.

Adopting does require a degree of patience whilst we ensure that children are placed with the families best able to meet their needs, but many of our adopters will tell you that it is such a rewarding journey and one that positively changes lives forever. By adopting a child, you will make such a difference to your local community which is a feat we do not want to go unnoticed.

We also work very closely with our social workers to ensure that all of your needs as a family are met and that the children and adults feel comfortable with the whole process.

With our dedicated and professional team around you, we ensure that your family will feel comfortable and confident every step of the way.

How Can I Adopt A Child In Tameside?

For those based in and around Tameside, adopting a child and extending your family is more accessible than you may think.

We are constantly working to ensure that the services we provide are as streamlined and positive as they possibly can be, while also being thorough to make you feel confident.

Adopting a child in Tameside starts with:

  1. Submitting An Expression Of Interest
    To start the process of adoption, an expression of interest form will need to be completed by you. Using this, we will start the process and get things moving.
    This is a time when you will ask us the questions that you need, we will then gather some information about your family situation. We ask for honesty and openness at this early stage as the information we are collecting will help us to make the best decisions about what is best for your family.
  2. Learning About Adoption
    During the application process, families are asked to attend workshops and meetings about adoption so they can develop their understanding. These meetings are also a great opportunity for you to connect with other families going through the same process and is a chance for you to determine whether adoption is the right choice for you.
  3. Continue Your Application
    After this stage of giving and receiving information, we will then ask you if you want to continue with the adoption process. If you say yes, we will then continue and move to a more formal stage where you register your interest and commence the assessment phase of your journey. Again this is a 2 way process of us working together to build a picture of the sorts of children that may fit best into your family and to ensure that we have provided you with the skills you need to parent those children.
  4. Approval
    It is important to remember that the approval process for adoption can take around six months. During this time, we will need to discuss your family situation with you and we need you to be as honest and open as possible so that we can thoroughly and accurately determine your suitability to adopt and which child(ren) would best fit into your family.
    Once your application is complete and approved, your social worker will then start to take you through the matching process.
  5. Matching Process
    Using the information you have given us, your social worker will start the process of matching you with a child or children.

It is important that we match children with families that are able to support all of their needs and it is a process you will have considerable input into.

What Can I Do?

If you want to change a child’s life, extend your family and have a bright future, adoption is worth waiting for!

Give us a call today on 01204 336 096 for more information, or alternatively fill in our contact form which can be found here.