All About Tyler

Tyler is a four-year-old little boy with brown wavy hair and gorgeous blue eyes. He has a beautiful smile and sweet-nature that he would love to share with a family of his own.

Tyler’s perfect day would involve lots of drawing and painting as he loves to be creative especially using his favourite Etch-a-sketch. Tyler also enjoys spending time outdoors riding his little bike, climbing things and playing on the swings at the park. After a long day of playing, he would love nothing more than ending it with lots of cuddles and snuggles because he can be very affectionate with the people closest to him.

Tyler really loves a good bop to his favourite music and nursery rhymes, he’s a good little mover; but he also enjoys chilling out with soft blankets which he likes to tickle his face with.

Those who know Tyler describe him warmly as an affectionate little boy with a cheeky grin. He loves to play chasing games which really make him belly laugh which is infectious and lights up the room.

Tyler is a little boy who has had a difficult start in life and is delayed in his development. His speech has been slow to develop which causes him frustration at times. His vocabulary is increasing slowly, he can say a number of words now and he is making progress in other areas of development although he is still delayed in most areas. Tyler has recently been diagnosed as being long-sighted and will need to wear glasses although at the moment he isn’t too keen on wearing them. His gross motor skills are good but Tyler can be particular about when he chooses to use his skills.

Tyler is looking for a fun and caring family who will love him for who he is and support him as he grows and learns. A comprehensive package of support will be available to help families provide the care that Tyler may need, so potential adopters who have the space in their hearts but may have some worries shouldn’t rule themselves out but have a conversation with our social workers on 01204 336096.

PLEASE NOTE: – Children’s names have been changed and stock photos have been used to protect identity.