Adoption Now talks to BBC Radio Lancashire

Adoption Now were delighted to the join BBC Radio Lancashire's Sally Naden to discuss adoption as part of their week focusing on the importance of family.

Karen Barrick our head of service talked about our agency and the work we do to find the children in our care the loving, stable family they need to thrive. Karen was joined by Daniel, one of our many adopters who talked about his experiences of adopting his child.

Daniel who adopted his son talked about his experience of the adoption process and the importance of being open throughout with his social worker as he moved through the process. He also talked about the first time he met his son and how he built up his relationship with his little boy as they settled into family life.

Daniel’s social worker Shelby also joined the conversation to talk about who can adopt and what social workers look for when assessing potential adopters, dispelling they myth of the idea of the perfect parent and family along the way!

To find out more about the children in our care and the help and support we offer to adopters listen to the interview on the BBC Radio Lancashire site. The interview starts at 40.59 into Sally’s show.