This is Our Family!

This is our Family: Adoption Now celebrates the specialness of family

At this time of year we all appreciate spending those wintery nights and festive fun with our family and friends. That’s why local adoption agency Adoption Now has launched a new campaign that celebrates all things family.

The #ThisisourFamily campaign aims to celebrate the love, the laughter, the tears and the achievements of family life. It explains how families come together and form from all walks of life, and in all shapes and sizes, but every family unit is just as special, and it’s this uniqueness that should be celebrated.

To launch the campaign two of our adoptive families took part in a snowy photoshoot at the Chill Factore in Trafford showcasing how much fun families can have at wintertime like sledging, snowball fights, snow angels and building snowmen, not to mention getting cosy and cuddly together at home.

Phil and Rav adopted their two sons in 2017 followed by their daughter a year later. They took part in the photoshoot and between screaming down the sledging slopes together, told us what family means to them; they said; “Family to us is celebrating the big events together and appreciating the little ones in between.”

David and Tracey were one of the first adopters approved with the newly formed Adoption Now back in November 2017. They had previously adopted a little boy and returned for a second time to be matched with their daughter. In between taking turns on the downhill doughnut ride, they told us: “Our family means fun times, kitchen discos, playing outdoors and lots of cuddles, love and laughter.”

Whilst both families admit to bumps along the way, from run of the mill sibling rivalry and tantrums to supporting their children through enormous change, loss and difficult childhood experiences, neither of them have any regrets and feel becoming a family through adoption has made them complete.

Adoption is a worthwhile and meaningful way to start or build a family and Adoption Now are always looking for people, from all walks of life, who can provide safe, loving and fun homes for children who need them.

If you’re considering joining the adoption family you can find out more and watch the campaign video at or call 01204 336096.