Adopter Stories by Adoption Now - Gill & Paul: Faith and Adoption

We understand that if you are a person of faith it is a significant part of what makes you, you. Here at Adoption Now we welcome people of all faiths who are considering adopting a child or children through us. In this latest episode of Adopter Stories we welcome on to the progam Gill & Paul. Their Christian faith is a very important part of their life, and so, in this episode we find out about their adoption story, finding out just how much their faith helped in their decision to adopt and during the adoption process itself.



Adopter Stories By Adoption Now - Julie's Story

In this feature length podcast we are sitting down to have a chat with Julie who, along with her husband, made the decision to adopt after they were initially considering fostering. We will be finding out more about that decision to adopt as well as talking about the process as a whole, adopting whilst having 2 birth children and we also talk about fostering for adoption.


Adopter Stories By Adoption Now - Taking That First Step

If you follow our social media channels you will no doubt have seen us talk about our information line, and how best to contact us if you’re thinking about adoption. However, we don’t always say exactly what happens when you do call, who will answer the phone and about the warm welcome that you will receive when you call us. So, in this episode of Adopter Stories we spoke to Debbie, one of our highly experienced social workers who may well be the person who picks up the phone when you call us. Amongst many things we talk about how much it means to you to pick up the phone and make that first call and the most common questions that we receive to our Information Line.


Adopter Stories By Adoption Now - Adopting As A Single Male

A common misconception when it comes to the adoption process is that you can’t adopt if you’re single or not in a relationship. In this podcast we sit down to have a chat with Christopher who made the decision to adopt on his own. We will be finding out more about what it was that lead him to make that decision, as well as what it was like going through the adoption process as a single male adopter.


Adopter Stories By Adoption Now

If you are thinking about adoption it can help to hear from real people who were once right where you are, and at Adoption Now we fully understand that. So, to help we spoke to some of our amazing adopters about their own personal experiences and what they had to share is just superb!

Sit down, relax and for next 5 minutes listen to the amazing journeys that some of our adopters went on to find their forever families.