All about Jade, Harry & Jessica
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All about Jade, Harry & Jessica

Photograph of brother and sisters wearing sunglasses

Jade, Harry and Jessica are an adorable, fun and lively trio who are waiting for a family to adopt them.

Jade (age six), Harry (age four) and Jessica (age two) have a lovely bond; they’ll often play ‘Hidey Boo’ and their favourite wiggly worm hoopla game together.

Jade and Harry are particularly close, whatever one is doing the other wants to do, so they’re always copying each other, even needing the toilet at the same time or asking the same question one after another. Their little sister Jessica gets very excited when they come home from school and nursery, so they can all play together.

Jade is a happy, chatty, inquisitive little girl and the caring big sister of the group; she’ll often help her brother and sister with things like doing their buttons up. Her favourite toys are her baby dolls and prams and she loves pushing them around in the garden. She says when she grows up she wants to be a teacher or a mummy.

Harry is a warm and loving little boy who enjoys cuddles. He likes playing with cars, dinosaurs and colouring in, but his absolute favourite is Thomas the Tank Engine. Harry loves television and would watch it all day if he was allowed, particularly Paw Patrol and Thomas the Tank Engine, and he will sing along to the songs.

Jessica is a confident little tom-boy who is full of beans and always happy to put on a show. She has lots of energy and loves to run around inside and outside. Her favourite game is playing dollies with her brother and sister and she also loves music, especially Frozen which she sings along too.

Together their favourite meal is Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread and their favourite time of the day is sitting together watching CBeebie’s bedtime hour. They love going to the park and will try out all the apparatus. They’re also happy to pet any dogs they see along the way.

The children are described as a pleasure to look after. They have beautiful manners and are eager to learn.

The trio are looking for a two-parent family who can handle the hustle and bustle of family life. Financial support may be available for prospective adopters considering adopting the siblings so don’t be put off or rule yourself out!

If you could consider adopting Jade, Harry and Jessica talk to us on 01204 336 096.

PLEASE NOTE: – Children’s names have been changed and stock photos have been used to protect confidentiality.

All about Oliver

Boy sat in a tree overlooking a lake

Oliver is a funny, bright and loving seven-year-old who is looking for a family to share his love of the outdoors.

Oliver is in his element when playing outside, he has a real sense of adventure. He loves gardening, digging for insects and going for walks, only stopping to investigate interesting objects along his path. He really enjoys riding his bike to adventure playgrounds and he isn’t afraid to try out all the equipment.

It doesn’t take long for you to fall in love with Oliver’s cheeky charms and interesting conversation. He has a broad, Lancashire accent and will ask questions like: “Did you know the moon is cold? You need lots of oxygen and to wear special gloves and a helmet. Do you think if you were a really good jumper like me you’d be able to jump from the moon down to earth?”

For a little boy his age, Oliver is very bright; he really enjoys learning and can spend hours asking questions about how the world works. His teachers say he is doing brilliantly in all his lessons, but he isn’t a fan of music.

Oliver is very proud to show off his achievements and recently made a space buggy in design technology, fully-fitted with a satellite, so people can talk to the driver. His recent school report was excellent, and he wished he could have stars all the way through it. It is clear that Oliver really tries hard and can achieve anything he sets his mind to. He says when he grows up he wants to be a vet.

Oliver’s favourite food is curry with naan bread and rice, he says it is well nice, but his other favourite is a little on the strange side; he said he once ate fisher fingers with custard, and though it was really good. He would like his new family to cook that for him again.

Oliver’s other loves are Dr Who and Harry Potter and he has a big collection of their merchandise. He particularly likes his Gryffindor robes and wand, and knows all the spells from Expelliarmus to Alohamora, which unlocks doors. He’s definitely no muggle when it comes to the wizarding world and has watched all the films.

Like most children waiting for adoption, Oliver has had a difficult start in life so he’s looking for a family who can nurture his lovely personality and interests whilst providing routine, structure and lots of love and attention.

Financial support may be available for prospective adopters considering adopting Oliver so don’t be put off or rule yourself out!

If you could consider adopting Oliver talk to us on 01204 336 096

PLEASE NOTE: – Child’s name has been changed and stock photos have been used to protect confidentiality.

All about J


J is five years old and he is waiting for a family to adopt him.

Like most five year olds from the moment he wakes up in the morning J is on the go.

He enjoys playing with his train track and cars as well as playing outside on the swings.

He is fascinated by learning new numbers and letters and loves writing them with his favourite glittery gel pens.

His favourite things are anything shiny and books, especially his bedtime story.

J has autism which can cause him to lack confidence when in new situations and be wary of new people.

J thrives on repetition and routine. In the past year he has made big improvements and starting singing nursery rhymes, learning new names for everyday items and improving his understanding of the world around him.

He is making progress with new situations and people; enjoying trips to the cinema, play centres and new sensory activities. It just takes a little time for him to feel comfortable and understand that it’s ok to do things. He is also building caring relationships with other people.

Here’s what his foster carer says:

“J is a very loving little boy who is very rewarding to care for; he is a little boy who gives a lot back.

“When he came to us he didn’t speak and wasn’t really aware of the world around him but now he’s joining in singing, naming everything he sees and trying new activities. It’s amazing to see his progress and lovely to watch him growing up.”

If you could consider adopting J talk to us on 01204 336 096.

PLEASE NOTE: – Child’s name has been changed and stock photos have been used to protect confidentiality.