Adoption North West launches “Growing Families Together” campaign

This week Adoption North West are launching a brand new adoption recruitment campaign, on behalf of Regional and Voluntary Adoption Agencies. The campaign 'Growing Families Together' aims to raise awareness of the need for adopters of children over the age of three, across the North West. 

Adoption North West is a collaboration of 5 Regional adoption agencies and 2 Voluntary adoption agencies who operate throughout the North West. Adoption Now has come together to confront a regional topic which is to raise awareness of the need for adopters and create early permanence for children over the age of three, across the North West.

It’s a sad fact that children aged 3 years and above are often classed as ‘older children’ in the adoption sector and together with children with additional needs, those in brother and sister groups and children from global majority backgrounds, they wait the longest for an adoptive family. 

The latest data[i] shows that across the North West as of 31 December 2023:


  • 318 children were waiting for an adoptive home
  • 134 of these children were aged 3 years and above  


Sarah Johal, National Adoption Strategic Lead from Adoption England,  commented: 

“The latest figures collected from our colleagues in Regional Adoption Agencies across the North West shows that 42% were over the age of three years old. We know that children of this age often wait longer than younger children to find an adoptive family. It’s great that agencies in the North West are working together to raise awareness about the joys children of this age can bring into your life. It would be wonderful to see more individuals, couples and families thinking of opening their hearts and homes to these children”. 

The campaign shares case studies from 4 northwest based real-life adopters who have welcomed children from this age group into their lives. 

Rachel and Owen, adopted their little boy at three and half years. The couple commented: 

“He was a bit older which meant he came with a little personality.” 

Single adopter Heather, the oldest of four siblings, had always wanted to be a Mum, and adopted her daughter when she was nearly five years old. Heather says: 

“People think babies come with less complications, but I don’t believe that’s true. Maybe their needs aren’t obvious or known, or haven’t developed yet”. 

Heather has since gone on to adopt again, becoming a family of three.

The Growing Families Together campaign also aims to challenge common misconceptions and encourage more individuals, couples and families to consider and embrace the joys of adopting a child over three. It will also look to break down some of the misconceptions about who can adopt such as: 

  • You can be single, living with a partner, married or divorced
  • You can from any ethnicity or religious background
  • You can identify as LGBTQ+
  • You can be a homeowner or live in rented accommodation
  • You can be employed, unemployed or retired
  • You can be starting your family or growing your family.


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