LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week!

It's LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week!

This years campaign runs from the 2nd March through 8th March 2020 and focuses on "myth busting" and answering common questions that arise from the LGBT+ community when considering fostering or building their family through adoption.

‘WHY NOT YOU?’ will tackle important misconceptions, such as that LGBT+ people cannot adopt or foster children. The campaign will highlight that being LGBT+ and living with HIV, having had mental health issues or being over 40are NOT barriers to becoming an adopter or foster carer.

Over 70 adoption and fostering agencies from across the UK are actively supporting the week with special information events where LGBT+ people can drop in and find out more about becoming an adopter or foster carer.

Look at the statistics – they speak for themselves. LGBT+ adopters & foster carers are much valued by agencies like us!

LGBT+ Adoption & Fostering Week Campaign Image