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The nationwide campaign, #YouCanAdopt,  launched by the National Regional and Voluntary Adoption Agencies aims to dispel myths around who is eligible to adopt and encourage more people to consider adoption.

In England there are 3,000 children waiting for a new family. With so many children in need of a safe and loving home, it is of utmost importance that people are made aware of the adoption process and what it involves.

One of the biggest issues that may be preventing people from taking the first step towards adoption are the grey areas surrounding eligibility.

40% of people admitted they didn’t know if they would be eligible to adopt, and a third believed they wouldn’t be able to.

Over a quarter think that someone over the age of 50 is not eligible to adopt, even though there is no upper age limit.

The same number of people were also unsure if LGBTQ+ people would be able to adopt, despite sexuality playing no part in eligibility.

At Adoption Now, we are passionate about raising awareness when it comes to adoption. We are very much supporting #YouCanAdopt by helping to spread the word and bust any myths.

Why Should I Adopt?

There are children all over the North West looking for safe and loving homes. Adoption is incredibly rewarding for both the adoptive parent and the child/ren. It can be life changing for children who are so desperately in need of a new and loving home.

Over the years, adoption has evolved to become a much simpler and quicker process than it has been previously. There is also far more support available to adoptive parents to help guide them through the journey.

At Adoption Now, we are here for everyone involved in adoption. Adoptive parents need guidance and support as they go through the process of adopting a child. We can provide information, mediation, therapeutic support, counselling and advice whatever your situation.

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The Adoption Process

The process of adoption aims to take around six months to approval, and involves the following 3 stage process:

Stage 1 (Approx 2 Months) Involves:

• Registering interest in adoption and submitting paperwork.

• Training and preparation.

• A medical examination.

Stage 2 (Approx 4 Months) Involves:

• Adoption Now will discuss with you your current situation along with what sort of children you will adopt.

• Number of meetings with your social worker.

• The Adoption Panel. Stage 3 (Approx 6 months) Involves:

• Matching you to a prospective adoptive child.

• Activity and Exchange Days

In 2018/2019, the average time between placement order and match for children was 6 months.

Common Myths About Adoption

FALSE: You Can’t Adopt Until You’re 25

28% of people believed that you must be 25 or older to adopt a child. This is false. You must be at least 21 to adopt a child. So long as you are financially secure and able to support a child. Every child needing adoption has a story, but you could be the one to pathe the way for a better future for them.

FALSE: People Over 50 Can’t Adopt

There really is no upper age limit on adoption. However, your eligibility is based on your health and ability to take care of a child up until adulthood.

FALSE: You Can’t Adopt If You’re LGBTQ+

You can adopt regardless of your sexuality and/or gender identity. In fact, 1 in 7 adoptions in England were to same sex couples in 2019.

FALSE: You Can’t Adopt If You Have a Disability

There are many adoptive parents with medical conditions and disabilities. A disability does not necessarily rule you out from adopting a child so long as you are capable of taking care of them into adulthood.

FALSE: You Can’t Adopt If You Rent Your Home

You are able to adopt whether you own or rent your home.

FALSE: You Can’t Adopt If You Are On Benefits

24% of people believe that you cannot adopt if you receive benefits, however, this is false. So long as you are financially stable enough to support a child, you will be able to adopt.

FALSE: You Can’t Adopt If You Are Religious or from a BAME background

You can adopt regardless of your religion and ethnicity. We strongly encourage potential parents from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds as children from the same backgrounds tend to wait longer to be matched with a new adoptive family. At Adoption Now, we focus on achieving the best we can for our children so having adopters from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures is essential to us.

FALSE: You Can’t Adopt If You Are Single

17% of people believe single people aren’t eligible to adopt. This is incorrect and 12% of adopters were single in 2019. Children’s needs vary and all sorts of people are needed to adopt. You can be single, married or in a long term ‘live in’ relationship.

FALSE: You Can’t Adopt If You Already Have Children

You can adopt if you have children, if you don’t or if you have adopted in the past.

A Word About Adoption From Celebrity Adopters

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